5 Subtle Signs He’s A FuckBoy

The term “fuckboy” seems to be controversial because everyone appears to have their own opinion on the matter, but there are only so many scum worthy traits available to be considered one.Yes, there are cheaters and players, but a fuckboy takes the dating scene to a whole other level by pretending he is sincerely interested when in reality you’re just another girl to fuck, leaving you confused and taken back when you realize it.

Don’t you worry your pretty little faces because I’m here to let you in on a little secret? If you’re current fling does any of these things then you need to call it quits or take your heart out of the game. He’s in it to win it, and the prize isn’t you honey it’s the goodies you’re storing away in your pants.

1. “Forgets to Text Back”:

I know people get busy, and it’s hard to respond to every single text message, but if it’s been days on end, then it’s time to call bullshit. Every single person on planet earth has enough time to look at their phones for more than five minutes a day to respond to a text message.

We all know they’re scrolling through social media or posting snap chats so what’s so hard about a text back?

2. “Doesn’t Sleep Around”:

If someone who says they’re selective wants to sleep with you on the first night of meeting, then you’re dealing with a bullshitter. Someone who claims not to sleep around but then accidentally tells you how many women they’ve been with, (which happens to be more than your entire sorority chapter) he is a fuckboy.

You don’t need someone to say he’s not a skeeze you’ll realize it by his confidence and composure when he takes you out on a date, which fuckboys never do.

3. “Doesn’t Believe In Labels”:

Since when is committing to another human being considered torture? If you really like someone enough to sleep with them every other day, then you should be willing to take things to the next level. Whenever a guy answers “ I’ve never had a real relationship before” or on the lines of never committing do NOT think you’re an exception because you’re probably not.

No offense, I’m sure you’re a total catch, but these fuck boys will never take a woman seriously because they’re a sad excuse for a human being with a penis.

4. Never Commits to A Set Plan:

He will make sure that you’re one of the girls he texts when he’s out and about already wasted but he will never give you a definite time or plan to meet up with you otherwise. Don’t actually believe that he is busy because someone will always make time for the people that they want to see.

5. Numerous girl “friends”:

There really isn’t anything believable about a girl and guy being friends because odds are there is some attraction on either side, probably both. If he dares to say that he has many girlfriends, then chances are he has slept with the majority of them but continues to talk to them because it “wasn’t a big deal.” Little does he know that they are still pining after him and can’t wait to sleep with him again, which he knows and loves.

Check out the video below for more about this!