3 Moves to Dodge a Guy Who Won’t Take a Hint

Let’s set the scene, shall we? You’re at a bar or a party, you’re feelin’ yourself, you’re having fun. But there is this one guy who will not leave you alone. Maybe he’s rude, maybe he’s drunk, maybe he’s just not catching the hint. Regardless of what his deal is, it’s making your Friday night significantly less enjoyable.

If you’re a woman who has ever experienced the aftermath of rejecting a particularly persistent dude you know that men rarely take rejection, no matter how polite, well.

Unfortunately, that means we either have to never turn down an advance or avoid the hell out of the dude until you can shake him off your tail.

Here are a couple different ways to expertly avoid unwanted attention from THAT guy at the party:

1. The “Oh Hey, Look My Friend”

When you see this guy trying to swoop in and trap you in a conversation, or if he has succeeded and you are trapped, use this move to duck out and away from him. Scan the room and find a friend across the party, if you can’t pick out a friend in the crowd you’re going to have to make believe. Say something to the effect of, “Oh my god is that Stacey? That’s Stacey! Hi Stacey!” and weave through the crowd to freedom. I find it’s best to act a little buzzed and slur a little when shouting so that he can’t accuse you of being a bitch, just drunk.

2. Bust a Move in the Opposite Direction

When you’re at a party there is bound to be some sort of music playing in the background if it isn’t already blasting. There is always that guy who tries to dance up on your ass when you’re trying to get down with your bad-self all by yourself. Whether you’re at a club or dancing in your friend’s living room this guy is bound to exist and, luck have it, has targeted you. So when this dude tries to grind his crotch up on your ass, dance your ass away.

Either make SOS eye-contact with a friend and have her dance behind you to protect your booty, or dance off the dance floor and hide in the bathroom for a while.

This move is also great for escaping the undesirable conversation. If you’re stuck talking to your unwelcome suitor, yell something about this being your song and dance away toward a trusted gal pal. Or just dance away toward a safe hiding space. These include: the bathroom, where everyone is smoking outside, or the drunken, sweaty arms of your friend Stacey.

3. Determine

If this dude is not only being annoying but outright disrespectful, you have two options: get him kicked out or leave.

Bars and clubs are determined to keep the ratio of women to men 2:1 or as close to even as possible. So if you find yourself being harassed at a bar you might get your way if you talk to a bartender or a bouncer. They would rather kick this one dude out and have a couple of his bros leave with him than lose out on your entire girl squad.

House parties are trickier. If it’s your or your friend’s house you will probably be able to get them ushered out by one of your beefy, male friends. If it’s not, or god forbid it’s the douche bag’s house, you might be at a loss. This is when you herd as many of your tipsy lady friends as you can and make the trek to the next house party or bar.

Learn more about this from the video below!